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All content is copyright ©Phoenix Model Engineering Society Ltd 2006-2014 Images and pictures are © 2006-2014 Phoenix Model Engineering Society Ltd and their various owners. All rights reserved. Welcome to The Phoenix Model Engineering Society's website  and 5" Model Railway... ...brought to you from Telford, the birthplace of industry, in the heart of Shropshire We have one fare for all passengers of Per passenger The Phoenix Model Engineering Society is pleased to be associated with Telford Steam Railway and is grateful to them for allowing us the use of their land  You may access their web site by clicking HERE If you wish to comment on anything on these pages (good or bad!!) please Email us  We are always pleased to hear others comments.
OUR NEXT RUNNING DAYS ARE  SUNDAY 27TH APRIL  MAY DAY BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND SUNDAY 4th & MONDAY 5th MAY  1100 - 1600 Charges for the miniature railway are not included in the  Steam Railway ticket  Usual fare per person of £1 a ride (Subject to weather)